On Tuesday 24th September 2019, tenants within Central Pier received notification from Development Victoria that Central Pier will remain closed until at least January 6, 2020.  

We are bitterly disappointed by this news and remain frustrated by the lack of support and transparency displayed by Development Victoria throughout this process.

The only information Development Victoria has provided us is to advise that an engineer’s report will be available with further assessment of the pier’s stability in mid-October.

Our staff and loyal customers, alongside us, are devastated by the news that one of Melbourne’s most iconic waterfront destinations and event hubs are now unavailable for the busy Spring/Summer season however the safety of our patrons and staff is our number one priority.

We continue to seek answers from Development Victoria as to the condition of the pier, including the impact of its rectification works from the last two years on Central Pier as well as an explanation as to why Development Victoria won’t allow independent engineers on site to assess the safety of the pier.

The tenants on Central Pier have invested tens of millions of dollars to create this iconic destination and we continue to be reassured by Development Victoria that no decision has been made on the future of the pier.  Reports that the site could be sold to developers are deeply concerning for everyone who works at Central Pier and the entire Docklands community.

The Atlantic Group, including Alumbra, has already relocated hundreds of functions to other venues and remains focused on ensuring that our clients receive an experience that is worthy of the Atlantic Group and Alumbra brand while we work through this matter.

Rest assured our team will continue to work alongside all our clients to ensure all events through to the end of 2019 are relocated as quickly as possible with seamless interruption. We have many venues that have agreed to let us cater within their spaces and we are focussed on working with those venues as a matter of priority to facilitate with relocations.

We thank everyone for their understanding and patience.